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Laser Hair Removal

Using Intense Pulsed Light we can eliminate unwanted hair from any area of the body, from Head to Toe! 


The IPL treatment will dramatically reduce the amount of hair re-growth resulting in smoother, hair free skin. Treating all skin types and both Male and Female clients in areas where waxing and shaving is both uncomfortable and inconvenient.

The Laser Studios is located within the Laser & Aesthetic Treatment Clinic, Absolute Skin, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and we work

hand-in-hand with their highly trained Aestheticians using the industry leader, Lynton Lasers who have 20 years of technological experience. 


IPL is a treatment where Intense Pulsed Light is targeted into areas where hair grows. The intense quick pulse of heat damages the main blood supply to each hair follicle

causing the hair to shed. New hair growth is therefore slower, and towards the end of the course non existent any more.  


Suitable for both Men and Women, IPL is a fast, effective permanent solution for the removal of unwanted hair.   Most courese consist of 6-8 treatments every 4-6 weeks and once removed, maintenance is advisable to keep the hairs from growing back.



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