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Treatment Prices



for all treatments*



The laser tattoo removal prices in the table are for guideline only.  Every tattoo is different and removal cost depends on numerous factors including size, density, age, quality, position, and colour.  

These prices are a guide for each tattoo removal session and a number of treatments will be required. 

Accurate costs and an indication of session numbers can be provided following a consultation. 



Prices for Laser Removal of Semi Permanent Makeup & Laser removal of Microblading are on a

case-by-case basis from £80-£100 per session

and depend upon size of area.



Prices for Laser Removal of Scalp Micropigmentation are on a case-by-case basis and depend upon size of area. These start from £100 per session for very small area adjustments, £150-200 for a Hairline adjustment,

and more for an entire scalp, subject to consultation.

plasma EYE LIFT & skin 


  Plasma Phi-Ion Non-Surgical Eyelifting

  and Deep Wrinkle Reduction Procedure 


  • Upper Eyelids Phi-Ion 1st Session              £475

                             Subsequent Session              £250

  • Lines Around Upper or Lower Lip              £350

                                    Two Treatments              £625

  • Lines Around Upper and Lower Lip           £595

                                      Two Treatments             £850

  • Micro-Pen Needling Treatment                 £145                                    Course of 4                 £500

  • 0r including Hydro Mask and LLLT)            £175                                      Course of 4                 £600


  • Combination Eyelift & Microneedling       £575

  • Combination Eyelift & 

       Course of 4 x Microneedling                      £825

permanent hair removal

To simplify the pricing for our Laser Hair Removal and IPL treatments we have tried to band each area of the body into sections.  Please note that all prices are from £39 as a minimum and that prices for large body parts may be classed as 3 or 4 areas.  Prices will be confirmed at consultation.

Consultation and Patch Tests are FREE and will be required in each area needing treatment.

For best results you will need to have treatments on a regular basis. To remove Facial Hair we advise treatments every 4 weeks and for Body Hair every 6/8 weeks. On average 6/12 treatments.

Hair Removal Prices for Men & Women

Small Areas

Centre Brow

Ear Lobes

Upper Lip & Chin

Bikini Tidy

Navel Line

Under Arm

Fingers & Toes








Medium Areas​

Lower Face

Lower Face Inc. Neck

Full Face

Bikini Full

Bikini Tidy

Lower Back







Large Areas​

Upper Arms

Lower Arms

Full Arms

Lower Legs

Full Legs



Chest & Abdomen

Full Back











Underarm & Bikini Tidy

Underarm & Bikini Full

Lip/Chin & Underarm

Lower Face & Underarm

Lower Face & Bikini Tidy

Lower Face & Bikini Full







Skin Blemish and Skin Growth Removal

From Just £10!

Prices for the removal of Skin Growths and Blemishes are based upon size and there are very large discounts for additional growths.

SMALL  £70 for First.......ADDITIONAL £10-20 Per Lesion

LARGE  £80+ for First.......ADDITIONAL £20 Per Lesion

The price of the first charge is set according to the largest lesion to be removed and then others are charged at the relevant reduced price according to size.

In the event that more than Ten lesions require treatment then a Bespoke price will be determined at the consultation stage which will result in a further reduced rate.

fungal nail, 

verruca & wart


Fungal Nail Laser Removal

Single Session      £80 - £95

Course of 5          From £320

Verruca & Wart Removal


One Verruca/Wart                 £70 (for first one)

Additional Verrucas/Warts      £20 each

Laser Removal

One Verruca/Wart                 £70 (for first one)

Additional Verrucas/Warts      £20 each

Combined Laser and Cryo       £90 (for first one)

Additional Verrucas/Warts      £25 each

All  Offers and Discounts are valid until end date as notified on our website.

The Laser Studios reserves the right to make changes to prices or remove offers at any time without

the need to give prior notice.

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