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One of the Most Effective and requested Specialist Treatments offered at our Advanced Skin Clinic in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, is the removal of a variety of Skin Blemishes, Lesions, Growths, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, and Thread Veins.

What Skin Growths and Blemishes are we able to treat:

With the use of Diathermy (electrolysis), Cryotherapy, Plasma Ion Electrocauterisation, and Laser, we are able to safely remove a variety of skin growths and blemishes, including Skin Tags, Moles, Verrucas, Warts, Cluster Warts, Blood Spots (Cherry Angioma or Morgan De Campbell), Milia (milk spots), Sebhorreic Keratosis, Xanthelasma, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Pigmentation, Thread Veins and Broken Capillaries (not on legs).

Examples of Skin Tags, Cherry Angioma, Wart

What Causes Skin Growths

In most that we see, such as skin tags, Sebhorreic Keratosis, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Moles, the appearance of growths and blemishes on the skin are as a result of an over-production of cells or proteins in the skin.

In some cases, such as verrucas and warts, the cause is viral, in thread veins the capillaries have become more visible, in cherry angiomas, or 'blood spots', the cause is a proliferation of blood vessel endings within a mole, and a build-up of keratin is responsible for the appearance of Milia (milk spots) under the skin.

These can occur at any time, in any place and there are numerous reasons why these suddenly appear, but there is no one rule for all.  

There is no reason why some people are more prone to skin growths than others but factors such as age, lifestyle, prior trauma, location, diet, illness, infection, contagion, stress, hormonal imbalance, skin type, sun exposure, genetics and family medical history can act alone, or in conjunction with each other as a trigger for these growths and it is impossible to determine when and where they will occur.

The one thing they have in common is that they are unsightly and irritating, but the good news is that they can be easily removed or reduced in appearance.

Methods of Treatment

We employ three main methods of skin growth removal (not including laser for the removal of larger verrucas, warts and thread veins):

Before and After of Skin Tag Removal by Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy is the process of freezing cells within skin growths and for this purpose we use a highly pressurised gas, in the form of Nitrous Oxide (N2O), delivered in a very fine freezing jet by the Cryo IQ Cryo Pen device.


Every growth is essentially a cluster of cells containing liquid and, when frozen to a sufficiently low temperature, this liquid freezes and turns to ice and as it expands, the membrane (outer layer) of the cell is broken, so killing the cells.  When enough cells have been ruptured or damaged, these form a scab-like crust which gradually falls away over a period of about 10 days to two weeks.

This process is an extremely effective and gentle way of removing growths with little or no risk of scarring or damage to surrounding healthy tissue and is relatively pain free.  In some cases, particularly those of larger growths, more than one treatment may be required and this will be discussed at consultation.  Cryotherapy is particularly effective in the removal of Skin Tags, Sebhorreic Keratosis, Moles, Warts, Verrucae, and Cherry Angiomas.

Electrolysis/ Plasma Ion Pen

This is the process of passing a micro current through a metal needle-like applicator which, upon contact, or close-contact with the growth converts to heat.


This process burns the growth tissue, and in doing so, cauterizes the wound, forming a small scab in it's place.  At The Laser studios, this procedure is carried-out by both an electrolysis machine and an Electrocauretisation Plasma Ion pen.

Diathermy/Advanced Electrolysis is extremely effective for the treatment of vascular lesions such as Broken Veins/Cappilaries, Thread Veins, Blood Spots, Nevi, Spider Nevi, Cherry Angioma, and Venus Lakes.


Unlike Cryotherapy, the process of electrolysis and electrocauterisation can instantly remove a skin growth, however, we reserve this process only for smaller growths and is particularly effective on skin tags, moles, warts and milia.  In most cases, a topical anaesthetic in the form of a numbing cream would be used to reduce or eliminate any pain.

Mole Removal by Laser and Cryotherapy
Pigmentation Removal by IPL and Laser
Examples of Sebhorreic Keratosis

Laser Removal

With the use of lasers and IPL we are able to safely and effectively remove certain lesions such as Cherry Angiomas (blood spots), Thread Veins, Nevi, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Sebhorreic Keratosis as well as aid in the treatment of warts and verrucas. (Please Note: we don't treat vascular lesions/veins, below the heart so are unable to treat leg veins).

Our skilled and experienced staff will decide at the consultation stage which method will produce the most successful outcome, both in terms of removal and in long term aesthetic appearance

Medical or Cosmetic Skin Growths

Most skin blemishes are harmless, benign growths or tumors and of no medical concern, but can be unsightly and irritating.  These are considered to be only of cosmetic concern, and as such, will no longer be treated by your GP or on the NHS.  The exception of this may be those that have altered in appearance, or where there may be a concern that they could become malignant and cancerous.  Whilst we are happy to say that the occasion is very rare, in the event that we are in any doubt as to the state of any growths we are presented with, we would always advise that these should be checked out by your GP prior to treatment.

Cherry Angioma Removal by Cryotherapy
An Example of some of the Skin Blemishes and Growths we can remove at our skin clinic in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

How Much does Skin Growth and Blemish Removal Cost?

The price of Removal of Skin Growths and Blemishes depend upon what needs removing, as well as the method and, of course, the size and how many. 


A guide to this can be found on our prices page, but ultimately, this will be determined during a FREE consultation, where we can see what you are concerned about and are able to provide bespoke advice. 

Cryotherapy Pen for Removal of moles, warts, skintags, and Sebhorreic Keratosis



for all treatments*

I have a Skin Growth or Blemish I want removed......What do I do now?

Before we can go ahead with the removal of any skin growths or blemishes, we would need to determine the nature of the lesion to be sure it can be removed safely and to advise you of the outcomes and expectations.  We offer a free consultation at our clinic in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, for this purpose and, depending upon the type of lesion and number of growths, we may also be able to treat during the same appointment.

Prices are from as little as £10 per lesion (Multiples) and can be seen on our PRICES PAGE

Bookings for Treatments & Free Consultations can be made on our BOOKING PAGE 

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