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Thread Veins and Vascular Lesions

Thread veins/ broken veins, also known as Telangiectasia, Nevi, Spider Nevi are a common problem and can occur as a result of thinning skin due to ageing or illness, from an increase in blood pressure in the area which could simply be from over exertion, or possibly from trauma, or can be present from birth, particularly in the case of venous lakes, and cherry angioma.

In the case of thread veins and broken capillaries on the face and decollete, we are able to use either laser, diathermy (Advanced Electrolysis), or IPL to reduce, and even remove these permanently in as little as one treatment, depending upon the condition of the skin. 

The treatment method for other vascular lesions such as venous lakes and cherry angiomas/Campbell de Morgan spots/ Blood spots would depend upon size and location and, as with all treatments this would be established at consultation.


Please Note: For broken veins on other parts of the body, particularly leg veins and capillaries, which can be much deeper, this would require sclerotherapy, and possibly surgery, and is not offered as a treatment in the clinic.



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