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Laser Removal of SMP is the safest, most effective method for the removal and correction of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Tricopigmentation (also known as Hair Tattoos or Head Tattooing).

At our Advanced Laser Removal Clinic in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, we specialise in Scalp Micropigmentation removal and the removal and fading of all forms of Tattoo including SMP (Scalp Micropiogmentation), Semi Permanent Makeup (PMU, SPMU), and Microblading, and our central location, just 30 minutes from London, means we can welcome and treat clients from all over the UK.


Using Medical Grade Lasers, our experienced Practitioners are able to remove, correct, or fade all, or just part of a Scalp Micropigmentation procedure, from just one dot to an entire head.  This means that, whether all ink needs to be fully removed from a botched Hair Tattoo, or whether just a few simulated hair follicles need removing to correct a mistake, imperfect SMP can be perfected.  There are many reasons for wanting SMP removal:  Some because they've had a bad procedure.  Some because they've tried it but didn't like it.  Some because it's too dark, and they want it faded, and some to remove part of a Hairline to correct or adjust it so that it looks more receded or realistic, and less obvious.


Whatever the reason for wanting Scalp Micropigmentation Removal, or fading, the ink is in the most prominent place it could possibly be and, whilst it can be removed safely and responsibly, the only way to ensure this is to make sure the practitioner has the necessary qualifications and experience.

Not all Laser Removal Clinics are the same and so choosing the right one is crucial to achieving the best results, safely. Our head laser practitioner, Carl Barton has been in the industry for over 20 years and is Laser Level 4 and 5 trained in a multitude of Advanced Laser and Skin treatments.  He is also a Fully Qualified Laser Safety Officer and a member of the British Medical Laser Association.  Carl is a full-time Laser Removal and Skin Specialist and has carried-out thousands of successful treatments - he doesn't just do this part-time - so you know you're in good hands.

Carl is also qualified and experienced in the process of Scalp Micropigmentation, having been trained by Brandwood Clinic in Birmingham UK, one of the world's leading and most respected SMP Clinics in the world. This gives him the unique knowledge and insight into both the application method and the removal process, that most laser practitioners don't have.  In addition to this we have not one, but two lasers providing a selection of machines including the Lynton Luminette Q, and the triple-Wavelength Alex Trivantage (ATV) from Syneron-Candela, one of the world's leaders in Medical and Aesthetic lasers.  These machines are used by hospitals and clinics throughout the world, not only for ink and tattoo removal but also to treat a variety of pigment conditions.


One of only a dozen in the UK, our ATV delivers three wavelengths, providing not only the standard Q-switched Nd:YAG wavelengths of 1064nm & 532nm but, unlike most laser clinics, the Alexandrite 755nm.  This is useful for constituent pigments (ones that are made up of a number of colours), and is particularly effective with superficial, or shallow ink depths, and Pure Carbon Pigments, as is found in SMP.  Deeply placed ink can give the appearance of a blue or green hue and the 755nm wavelength is the only wavelength that can remove blues and greens, making this laser machine efficient on all colours, regardless of depth.

For further reassurance, our experienced technicians are also qualified

in the Physiology and Anatomy of the skin.  This combination of training and technology means that optimum results can be achieved in a fast but safe manner.  This is particularly important when dealing with the skin on your face and head and we adopt a cautiously responsible approach to removal to ensure that, whilst removal is important, and the end goal, the utmost care is taken to protect your skin from unnecessary damage.   Every SMP procedure is different and factors like age, size, depth, quality, colours, and ink used all have a bearing on how many sessions will be required and how successful your treatment will be.


Before any Scalp Micropigmentation Removal treatment can begin, a consultation must be carried-out to determine whether full removal, fading, or correction is required, and to discuss the procedure, advise on costs and treatment times, and answer any questions.  A patch test will be performed to determine the correct starting settings and wavelengths and, assuming the client wishes to proceed, they would then return 1-2 weeks later, when the results of the patch test can be analysed and the rest of the Micropigmentation can be treated. Thereafter, treatments would normally be carried-out about 8 weeks, and assessed prior to each subsequent treatment.

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